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Weather 101

JUNE 2019: A weather app concept for iPad.


renders ipad 101.png

The concept

I wanted this to be a conceptual project that focused heavily on the visual side and partly on motion. I always wanted to put a spin on the traditional weather app, so without further ado, I give you Weather 101. I choose to focus the design for iPad consumption, as it was a device I had not designed for much and wanted a new challenge. This app is currently being made by my developer partner, so hopefully, you will be seeing it soon in the App Store. 

Design process

As this was a visual led conceptual project I really wanted to focus on the use of powerful imagery of the weather locations. I think this is something that I had not seen among most weather apps, and I know this is also down to the locational imagery sourcing difficulties, but never the less I wanted to design the app around this basis. With the use of orange, black, grey & mostly white, this design was starting to develop into the minimalist and bold design I had imagined.


For the purpose of the video I have created a button interaction to scroll through the different predicted weather temps for that day, but in practice, I would only have a smooth swiping interaction, as that is what most users are used to and would also be a more effective way to scroll through the weather forecast. 


When I came to designing the city filter, I really wanted to think of a creative way to make this normally boring but fundamental function more visually engaging. I thought back to the projects core imagery values, and with that in mind, I placed the cities as the background of the filter. I also thought of including a vertical scrolling interaction between the cities, as it would be a quicker and more effective way to scan the available cites options.


This filter design was now was my favorite part of the app, as I loved the challenge of thinking how this function could look with a strong visual and user-centric approach.

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